Monday, 28 March 2016

Donald Sonn: Tips for a Good Doctor’s Visit

For some people, mention a doctor’s appointment and they immediately groan at having to wait and stare at the walls, read an old magazine, or sit next to people coughing and sneezing. While this might not be the case at every medical facility, a doctor’s visit is not something many people look forward to.

Donald Sonn, a medical professional specializing in urology and surgery, knows that doctor’s appointments can be made smoother with the following tips.
Take a spot on the waiting list
On some occasions, it’s possible to be all ready for the appointment only to find that the doctor is busy and can’t see you for another few weeks or so. The wise thing is to book the far-off appointment, and ask the assistant to get in touch should there be cancelations between then. And don’t forget to follow up, since you will be surprised how openings occur when you follow up a few times.
First appointment
If you want to avoid sitting in the waiting room for hours, pick the first appointment. Because there are no patients before you, it should be easy to see the doctor at 8 a.m. Also, avoid scheduling on typically busy days like Monday.
Write down the questions?
It is important to write down any concerns and questions before the appointment since there are many distractions that might make you forget. Jot down all questions regarding your current medical issue, plus any you would have afterward, like about the medication.
Donald Sonn is a urologist who’s been associated with the Urology Group of Western New England in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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