Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Dr. Donald Sonn: Finding the Right Doctor for you

Selecting the perfect physician for you and your family is an important decision. Dr. Donald Sonn, a Urologist who has practiced medicine for over 25 years in Springfield, Massachusetts, knows the importance of acquiring a patient's trust and maintaining a reputation for those who are seeking care throughout the community. Although choosing a doctor can be a difficult decision, seeking the help of others throughout the community and finding specialists with the help of a primary care physician or your insurance provider are several excellent ways to ensure you are on the right path in your search.
Speaking with others throughout the community might seem outdated, but can often be the most reliable source of truth regarding healthcare out there. Learning about physicians who your trusted friends and family members have sought care from can give you insight into who may meet the needs of you and your family. After all, these people know you best and can help with personal decisions in this arena.

If you already have a general practitioner, chances are he or she can make some excellent recommendations regarding your specific healthcare needs. Listening to your doctor when seeking the help of a specialist, even when a referral is not required, can lead to a seamless transition between general health care and specialized care.

Dr. Donald Sonn is a specialist who is well-known throughout the community for his work at the local hospital as well as his practice. Finding a doctor who has roots in your community is a great place to first seek care for your loved ones.

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