Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dr. Donald Sonn - A Virtuous Man

Dr. Donald Sonn says that loyalty is such an important trait not just in his employees, but for his friends and family as well. He believes that the way to a brighter future as man collectively is for everyone to take more value and stock in things like loyalty and patience, altruism and duty. He says that if we were able to rely on each other more often without doubt, we could accomplish so much more together, improving the overall quality of life not just in America, but all across the globe. He is a firm believer in having a set of values, and that these values are what helps make the world go round each day. He is one of those rare individuals who does not compromise on something when he knows that it is right. Donald Sonn says that it is important to adhere to what you believe in because if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. Doncal himself is a dutiful man who always stays true to his word, which is why the company he works for has in turn been so successful, as his co-workers trust and admire him, and know he will get the job done.

Dr. Donald Sonn

Donald Sonn
says that the best way to earn the respect of others is to treat them with respect yourself. He says that though some peoples morals are different, and vary from person to person, there is still a general and collective understanding of what is right and what is wrong. If you stick to this simple idea you will be able to have much more meaningful interactions with the people around you. He says that those who tend to stick to a solid moral foundation often experience more success in life because they have guidelines and goals.

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